John Green (and Me) on Likeable Character’s


My Tumblr dashboard page is often presenting to me new quotes by John Green and almost all are worth reading. This one in particular has caught my attention today however as last night I was writing my Top Ten Tuesday post about frustrating characters.

I understand that a book is suppose to be about the story, books were created to allow people to pass on stories to one another, but for me the characters are just as important if not more. I find that if I can’t connect to the main character I struggle to connect to the story, even if I love the idea of the plot. Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series is an example of this as I thought the idea of a totally vain society is something we could easily become but his main character Tally was just awful and so I couldn’t enjoy reading the book because I was to busy being frustrated at how she behaved. Of course all books need to have a ‘bad guy’ in them so the main characters has someone to over come and I am not saying you have to like every character you read but although I appreciate the point John Green is trying to make I think what makes a good book is at least a likeable main character.

Are Likeable Character’s Important To You In Making A Book Good?  

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For me, my love of books is about more than just reading them. It’s also about having them. I love to own the books I have read even if I read a library or friends copy. I also take a lot of pleasure in having them perfectly arranged in my bookcase and the more books I have the better I think it looks. I am also one of what I believe to be a small collection of people who likes the books to look like they have never been read. Most people disagree with me on this but I think I just like it cause I am a little bit OCD and like things to look tidy.

I am an avid tumblr user and my favourite blog that I follow is this one:

It is basically pictures of books but I think it shows off the beauty of not just the story but the book themselves. Reading is an experience and many of the pictures capture that but the also show many varieties of storing books that are awesome and I am jealous of many of the peoples collections.