Sunshine Award

So today I have been nominated for the Sunshine award. This made me smile as it has taken me a long time to get into blogging and any feed back I get is great but I want to say a big thank you for the nomination.

The award is just a little thing where you answer these questions and then pass it on to ten bloggers.

So here are my answers;

Favorite number: 3, although I like most odd numbers particularly 7 and 21
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Irn-Bru 😀
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, I do have Twitter but I just don’t really get it lol
My Passion: Reading, of course and Girl Guides
Favorite pattern: hmmm.. I think spots 🙂
Favorite Day of the Week: Possibly Thursday because that’s the night I go to Guides but I don’t really have one atm
Favorite Flower: Lily

I haven’t got into being an avid blog reader yet so instead of 10 here are 5 blogs I follow that I feel are worth nominating as their writing interests me.






Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and please pass on the award.