The Social Networks Tag

This tag was originally created by Youtuber Faultydevices and she took aspects of several social networks and created questions around them. Her video can be found here. Ariel Bissett however changed the questions slightly, you can watch her video here, and as I prefer her adaption of the tag it is her questions I am going to be doing.

Twitter: Your favourite shortest book.  The Cay by Theodore Taylor This book was read to us while I was in primary 7 and I never really forgot it. I was given it as a Christmas present two years ago and after rereading it I still felt the same. It is a really moving story particularly considering its only 118 pages.
Facebook: A book everyone pressured you into reading.  The Fault In Our Stars by John Green I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really fussed about reading this book. I have read a number of stories about people dying of terminal illness and this was just another to me, but a friend of mine got tickets to go and see John Green and I felt like I couldn’t go without having read it.
Tumblr: A book you read before it was cool.  Twilight by Stephenie Meyer I bought Twilight way back in 2006 with some birthday money I had and I picked it up purely because I liked the cover. Little did I know I was about to fall in love with the book and lend it to all my friends and endure the agonising wait for all the sequels. Before I knew it, it was a massively popular book and it was being turned into a movie and although I do love the book its hard not to feel like you’ve lost a bit of the magic of finding a great book.
Myspace: A book you don’t remember whether you liked or not.  When It Happens by Suzane Colasanti I have no idea what I thought of this book. I remember getting it in the mail from amazon. I remember reading it and it not taking very long but I have no idea if I liked it or not. I’ve currently got it rated 3 stars on Goodreads but it might be time to refresh my memory of this one.
Instagram: A book that was so beautiful that you and to instagram it.  I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith I hadn’t really been interested in this book, but when I seen this version of the book I finally picked it up and decided it was worth buying. I don’t actually have Instgram but if I did I would have shared this cover.  
Youtube: A book you wish would be turned into a movie.  Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway The whole way through reading the book I kept imagining how good it would be to see it as a film so it was an easy choice for this questionThe book is full of interesting description of devices and adventures that I think could be translated beautifully to screen.
Goodreads: A book you recommend to everyone.  All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque I found this question really hard because everyone has their own taste in reading and it’s quite challenging to find a book that covers everything. What I’ve gone for in the end is one I think everyone should read. This book is about the First World War. It tells the story of an ordinary soldier who fought like so many others, but what I think is most important is that it’s from the point of view of a German soldier and his story is no different from a British soldiers’.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Character Names

Another great topic this week from The Broke and The Bookish, our Top Ten Character Names. For me the best names are the interesting ones that you don’t actually hear much anywhere else or are well picked out nicknames. Animal names you will all see are favourites of mine too.

  • Alaska from Looking for Alaska by John Green
  • Mr Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis
  • Reepcheep from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis
  • Luna from Harry Potter by JK Rowling
  • Rhine from Wither by Lauren Destefano
  • Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • Pantoufle from Chocolate by Joanne Harris
  • Evanna from The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan
  • Montmorency from Montmorency by Eleanor Updale
  • Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl

What Are Your Favourite Character Names?

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Favourite Beginnings/Endings in Books

We have another great topic from The Broke and The Bookish this week asking our Top Ten Favourite Beginnings/Endings In Books. I felt this could be interpreted in two ways as in books you often have the end of the plot before the last page and both could have counted but I’ve decided to go for the last page. Instead of just doing ten endings though I am doing 5 of each because I couldn’t think about one with out the other. Unlike the endings thought my favourite beginnings are defined by the initial statements rather than whole pages.


Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling – This has to go at the top of my list because it isn’t the first page that I love but the whole first chapter. I think it’s my favourite start to any book every and is the exception to my list. 


Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green – Who doesn’t love a book beginning about picking your nose?


Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian – This book ended up on my list because my friend said she hated the start of it because it begins with the word ‘Yes’ but to me that makes it totally engaging.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – I’m sure this one will be very popular today but I would be lying to myself if I did say I loved it.


Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell – The first paragraph of this book is so good because its is just full of the beauty of being young and free.


Rapture by Lauren Kate – Some people have complained the ending of this book was  a little soppy but for me it was the perfect solution to the problem and the last pages encompasses the personalitites of the characters and the theme of the whole series.


Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian – This in another book with a perfect ending as both characters finally have what they always wanted but more importantly needed.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling – I’m not sure what exactly about this one I like I think its a mixture of it all, Harry giving his money to the twins and asking them to give Ron a gift, his interactions with Molly and Hermione and the wisdom of Hagrid.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix by JK Rowling –  The ending to this book is so good because after being so dark its so comical, being threatened by Madeye would be terrifying.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling – The last paragraph of this book is beautiful because it shows that the very reason Harry is able to defeat Voldemort, because he has friendship and love that give him hope. 


What Are Your Favourite Book Beginnings and Endings?



Holiday Reading Reviews

This year for this first time every I went for a purely relaxing holiday on a campsite in France. Of course I always takes books on holiday with me but this time reading was the planned activity for the fortnight. As I was away I didn’t want internet access so I couldn’t blog reviews as I went along  and now I’ve been back a bit too long so instead of individual reviews I’m going to do a group one.

I took 6 books with me and I really wanted to read the adult fiction ones as I often struggle to concentrate on them when I’m in my home surroundings. I was pleased that I did manage to get through 5 of them and to start the last one, although I’ve not read any more of it since, but more importantly that is a tiny dent in my massive to read pile.

 The Handmaid’s Tale was given to me just days before I left for my holiday and I will admit that I did start it before I left. My friend had really liked it and I was interested in the idea of the story as it appears almost dystopian, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. The book is about the future when woman no longer have the same rights as men and are now split into rolls to be of service to the society as a whole. The main character is a Handmaid, who’s purpose is to bare children to couples who are unable to have their own. The handmaid’s aren’t looked upon favourably by the other women in society, although I have to admit I didn’t quite understand why, I think they are given this role because of some previous indescresions but I didn’t find it was very clearly explained. Throughout the book the main character talks about her life now and her past in which she had a husband and daughter. This drives her to take part in illegal behaviour for her status but could help change her life for the better. I did appreciate the idea behind this book but  for me it just wasn’t an enjoyable read. I struggled with the way it was written and the lack of punctuation making it hard to build a picture up of the society. Lots of people have praised this books and I am sure for many people it would be a great read but it a book that wants patience and thought and for a summer read it wasn’t quite light enough for me.

Chocolat in contrast to my first books of the holiday was a lot more what I would want from a summer read. The plot wasn’t challenging and the writing was flowing. The book hasn’t been on my to read pile to long as I only recently found out that it was a book. Of course this means that I have seen the film first but that didn’t effect my enjoyment of the book at all. As you might expect the story line in the book does play out differently from that of the film and for me the main difference was the character of the mayor. In the books he is a the Father of the church and he gets his say through chapters int he book from his point of view. For me his character is a lot more vurlnrable from the beginning in the book because we are seeing part of his history from his point of view and we get to experience his struggle with the desires around him. I also found that the book allowed me to appreciate a lot more of the issues that are addressed than the movie did. All of the characters are dealing with different struggles from learning to to let go and move on to dealing with abuse and death but the story also shows us the power of a community in dealing with these issues to help everyone with a little help from good old chocolate. This for me was the perfect summer read. It had a balance of being light and easy to read but still with an interesting plot and having seen the movie first who doesn’t enjoy picturing Johnny Depp while sun bathing.

 Looking For Alaska was the last John Green’s novel I needed to read. I was a bit nervous about it if I am honest as it is considered by so many to be so good but  thankfully I was not disappointed. I’m not sure why but I had it in my head that his book was about something totally different than it turned out to be. I think I was expecting it to be like Paper Towns but I’m pleased it wasn’t. Instead it tells the story of a clever high school boy who moves to a boarding school where his world is turned upside down. His new room mate nicknames him Pudge on the first day and introduces him to Alaska Young and from then on the excitement begins. He becomes part of a group of friends for the first time in his life and he can’t help but fall for the whirlwind that is Alaska. The problem of course with being part of something so great though is that the pain when it falls apart. A lot of people talk about this being a sad book and I agree that it was but for me that’s not what made it so good. Instead it was the friendships that Pudge got to build because, I think for the first time every, I felt a little hopefully that we do all have a people out there who are going to accept us for who we are. More powerful though was the fact that that place wasn’t with the people Pudge had expected but with people who were different from him and that made the friendship better because they all had something to unique to love about the others and help them through when they needed it.



 Undone had to be the most depressing book in my summer collection and not just because it was exploring suicide. Like many books for young adults the story was about acceptance among your peers. It was the lack of acceptance about his sexuality that lead Kai to kill himself and Jem knows that it’s all she needs to get her foot in the door to discover who outed Kai and get her revenge. Then she plans on killing herself. It turns out to be not that difficult for Jem to get involved the popular crowed when she is given 12 letters that had been left to her by Kai, one for every month for the next year. In these he sets her wee challenges to help her move on that include changing her hair and how she dresses and it almost that simple to get her noticed but the popular crowd. Once they accept her as one of them she just has to play along with their expectations and make her moves when the time is right. The problem for me however was that she did start to like being accepted. She got a boyfriend within the group that had real feelings for her and she found it hard to admit herself but who she had real feelings for too. She was also really liked by one of the girls, who wanted her to be her best friend but Gem’s revenge got in the way. The people around her did care about her and wanted to help her move on and she could have if she her plans hadn’t got in the way and driven things to and ending that I didn’t think would actually happen.

 The Kite Runer was also admittedly quite a depressing book. Amir loved his life in Afghanistan with his best friend, and servant’s son Hassan. His father was a wealthy man and he had everything he could wish for but his father approval. Amir liked to read and didn’t like up to his fathers reputation and a strong man known for fighting a bear so when he fails to stand up for Hassan when he is bullied he begins to fear the truth of being found out. His fierce desire to be loved by his father leads to Hassan and his father leaving and from then on life doesn’t get easier for Amir. When the communist regieme finally take over his father takes him to America in search of a better life. There Amir gets an education and even marries an Afghan women he loves but a letter from a close friend of his fathers takes him back to him old home many years later in search of redemption. Although this book is set in a difficult political time for Afghanistan it provides an perfect background for Amir’s story, which is one about redemption. For most of his life he is unable to forgive himself for running away when his most loyal friend needed him most however the situation in society at the time made the actions of all the people what they were. They also provide justification of strong actions later within the plot that would seem there just to drag the story out within other societies however for Amir’s story they allow him the closure he needs and in the end you are left feeling hopeful.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

Our topic this week from The Broke and The Bookish is our Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2013. I almost did this topic earlier in the year as a freebie but I say it was coming up so my list was all ready to go.

  • An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green 
  • Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan
  • The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz 
  • Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire 
  • Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver 
  • Alice In Zombieland by Gena Showalter 
  • Fever by Dee Shulman 
  • Heist Society by Ally Carter 
  • Fractured by Teri Terry 
  • Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling       

What Have Been Your Favourite Books So Far In 2013?

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Beach Reads

The Broke and The Bookish have asked us this week for our Top Ten Beach Reads.This weeks topic is quite a hard one for me because I don’t really go to the beach that often and when I do reading isn’t something I so there. I’ve not quite managed 10 books but I have come up with a list of some books I think may but what people go for when reading on the beach.

  • Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire 
  • Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire 
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen 
  • Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler 
  • Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell 
  • Chasing Windmills by Catherine Ryan Hyde 
  • Heist Society by Ally Carter 
  • An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green 
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein 

What Are Your Favourite Beach Reads?

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books Featuring Travel In Some Way

This week The Broke and The Bookish‘s topic is our Top Ten Books Featuring Travel In Some Way. I didn’t think I was going to find this topic that easy when I first seen it but once I started thinking about it there were quite a few books to choose from. I have cheated a little by adding a few series but these are the ones I enjoy the most. My favourite is the last one on the list but the rest are in no particular order.

  • Passion by Lauren Kate 
  • Angel by L.A. Wetherly 
  • The Darren Shan Saga by Darren Shan    
  • The Saga of Lartren Crepsley by Darren Shan    
  • Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver 
  • The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness 
  • Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter     
  • Between Shade of Gray by Ruta Sepetys 
  • An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green 
  • We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury 

What Are Your Favourite Books Involving Travel?

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Favourite Covers Of Books I’ve Read

The Broke and The Bookish having given us the topic this week of Top Ten Fourite Covers Of Books I’ve Read. Seen as I did this one last year I’m just going to pick my favourites from the books I have read so far this year. A lot of my reading this year has been re-read so there may be a few the same but there is plenty of new ones too.


  • Girl, Defective by Simmone Howell
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
  • Dead Time by Anne Cassidy
  • Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
  • The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
  • Matched by Ally Condie
  • Crossed by Ally Condie
  • Reached by Ally Condie
  • How Girl Guides Won The War by Janie Hampton
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan


What Are Your Favourite Book Covers?

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books With Tough Subjects

This week our topic from The Broke and The Bookish is perfect for me. Top Ten Books With Tough Subjects. I could’t pick just 10 however so I’ve picked 11 topics and shared some worthwhile reads about them as books about tough subjects are ones that I tend to go for. It’s not so much that I like them, in some cases the topic isn’t something you can enjoy reading about, it’s more that I find them interesting. That might sound odd and maybe even horrible to some people but for me I guess it’s partly about knowing that things could always be worse but more allowing myself not to be desensitized by issue that are always in the news and really understand the pain that people are feeling right now and hoping they can get help.


  • Red Teas by Joanna Kenrick


  • Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
  • Flowers in the Attic by Virgina Andrews


  • The Pact by Jodi Picoult
  • If I stay by Gayle Formam


  • Before I Die by Jenny Downham
  • My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • The puzzle Master be Heather Spiva

Teenage Pregnancy

  • Roxy’s Baby by Catherine MacPhail


  • Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman


  • Junk by Melvin Burgees


  • Malka by Mirjam Pressler
  • Before We Say Goodbye by Gabrielle Ambrossio
  • Between Shade of Grey by Ruta Sepetys
  • Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  • Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo
  • Over A Thousand Hills I Walk With You by Hannah Jansen

Loosing a family member

  • Many Stones by Carolyn Coman
  • The Shack by Wm Paul Young


  • Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman

Criminal Past

  • Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy

Will Grayson Will Grayson

Book Blurb

One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, teenager Will Grayson crosses paths with…”Will Grayson”! Two teens with the same name who run in two very different circles suddenly find their lives going in new and unexpected directions. Culminating in epic turns-of-heart on both of their parts, they team up to produce the most fabulous musical ever to grace the high-school stage.

My Synopsis

Will Grayson tried to follow his own rules to not care too much and to shut up. His best friend Tiny has other idea’s though and introduces him to Jane who starts to cause Will to rethink his rules. He goes with them both to Chicago to see a band but when he can’t let in he ends up in a porn shop just to use his fake ID.

Will Grayson, the other Will Grayson, is depressed and his best friend isn’t really his friend at all. However he is secretly messaging a boy online and when the two decide to finally meet Will also finds himself in the porn shop in Chicago. 

When Will Grayson meets Will Grayson they both begin to change but Tiny has a musical to organise and all their relationships are about to get strained.


This book alternates between each Will Grayson with the odd numbers being one Will written by John Green and the even numbered chapters David Levithan’s Will. At first I wasn’t as keen on David’s style of writing but once I got into the book I enjoyed them both just as much. The two Will’s stories could had their own merit but they also linked together very will. I almost feel like the book is actually about Tiny though as it was him that really helped them both.

I haven’t read anything by David Levithan before and the way he uses punctuation in this book was weird for me when I began reading. However I liked a lot of the things that his Will thought about life and mental health. Particularly the point where Tiny comes to see him for a ‘mental health day’ and Will gets frustrated  that he can just take a day off from his problems, like a holiday, whilst having a really mental health issue he knows he is stuck with his thoughts every day. 

John Green’s Will was easier to get get into however this also might be due to the fact I have been reading his other books recently. There were thoughts of this Will that I enjoyed also but it was his side of the story that really moved the plot along. I also really like reading about love from a male point of view. I just think, as is important to the book, that there is something more truthful and innocent about how men love and it makes me happy when I’m reading it. I also liked that his relationship with Jane was built up around the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment it makes me wonder if this was written before or after Sheldon uses it in The Big Bang Theory on Leonard and Penny. 

I thought this was a really good book, it took me a little time to get into it but it was worth it.