Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

Our topic this week from The Broke and The Bookish is the Top Ten Most Intimidating Books. I found this quite a hard list to write, I wasn’t sure what makes a book intimidating but I guess that it’s different for everyone. I couldn’t think of 10 books exactly but I do have a small list of the types of writing that I struggle with.

Jane AustenI have only read one of her novels and I did enjoy it and want to read them all but I find the way she writes less accessible than a lot of modern writing. 

ClassicsLike Jane Austen it is the way most classic are written that I find difficult. The often have a lot of words instead of just a few and that make is more of a drag to read.

Philosophy –  I have a book in my shelf that I have had for quite a long time about philosophy and although I really want to read it and have started it once but the in depth topic makes it more of a drag than a pleasure to read.   

FrenchReading was one of the parts of French at school that I was quite good at but when my Auntie gave me a whole book written in French was more scared to read it than excited and it’s still sitting unread on my shelf. 

Adult FictionI don’t find these books so much intimidating more inaccessible. I don’t relate to them very well and often find the topics lacking in imagination. 

What Books Do You Find Intimidating?

Great Expectations – Movie Review

It has been quite a few years since I have read Great Expectations. I think it was the first book we read in English in 2nd year. If I am honest at the time I don’t think I particularly enjoyed it. At the time I was definatly more into reading for pleasure and it only now I am proud of myself for having at least read one classic in my life. There are a few memories of it though. I did remember most of the characters and a lot of the plot, though I will admit I looked up a quick summary before going to see the film. My one good memory of reading the book was discovering the word dilapidated. I have a thing about words, I just love them and I think this started it because I have never forgotten it.

However when it comes to this film it was one of the things that disappointed me. Dilapidated is defined on Google as; In a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect. In the new film I thought Satis house didn’t look at all like it was falling apart. The other thing I was unsure about was David Walliams. As it is been so long since I have read the book I am not totally sure how his character is suppose to come across but he seemed very comical and like himself, and with his posh clothing I kept thinking of him dressed as a women in Little Britain.

That is my moaning over though as I had to say I was mostly pleased by the film. I think it managed to keep the book very well and I even noticed a few lines that I remember from the book. I liked the actors that played most of the characters, particularly Jeremy Irvine as Pip. Helena Bonham Carter also made a very good Miss Havisham with her creepy eyes and I enjoyed seeing Jessie Cave playing a grown up character.

I must admit though that as with the book I found the ending so unsatisfying.