Project Fairy Tale: The Elves and The Shoemaker by Brothers Grimm

The story of The Elves and the Shoemaker comes under a collection of 3 stories found in The Grimms Fairy Tale known as The Elves. The story of the Shoemakers encounter with the Elves is the first and longest of the three.

It tells us about how a good man who makes shoes finds himself poor and only able to make one more pair of shoes. He sets up his leather ready for the morning and then goes to bed after saying his prayers. When he wake up however the material he had left out has already been made into a beautiful pair of shoes and he manages to sell them for enough money to make another two pairs. This goes on for a while, each night he lays out his material and in the morning fantastic shoes have been made that he sells for enough money to make more each time. Eventually his wife and him decide to hide one night and see who is making the shoes. So after laying out the materials they hide and discover that is in fact two naked elves helping them out. The shoemakers wife decides that it being winter she should make some clothes as a thank you for the elves. On Christmas night instead of leaving out leather for shoes they leave the clothes and hide again to see them being received. When the elves turn up they are so delighted with they dance about and are never seen again. The shoemaker however continues to be very successful and never returns to being poor.

I remember this story from when I was young and I think it is a really nice one. They story stresses how they shoemaker was a good man and that it wasn’t his fault that he was now poor and I think that is why the elves turn up to help him. However the actions of him and his wife prove this goodness as they want to thanks the elves by clothing them and don’t try to trap them to work for them. I guess that the you could say this story shows how good things do happen to good people and that you will be rewarded for continuing to be good when you have the opportunity to hurt others for your benefit.

Project: Fairy Tale – It’s Here

Project: Fairy Tale is a great project being hosted by The Cheap Reader for February 2013. It a month devoted to fairy tales and their retelling’s with 38 bloggers signed up to read and review a different fairy tale and it’s retelling’s or spin off’s.

The idea of the project is;

  • Have a month devoted to Fairy Tales. February 2013. That will give us adequate time to read and schedule our posts.
  • Each blogger chooses a fairy tale. They must read the original fairy tale and at least 3 retellings/spin offs of the story. They write a review of each book and post them during the month of Project: Fairy Tale.  It’d be awesome if you could compile a list of other retellings  of your fairy tale as well. (Preferably the retellings will be Young Adult books or younger.) That’s it!
  • Other optional fun things to do: You can make a whole month of it on your blog if you’d like. More reviews,  read the fairy tale from another culture, movie reviews, integrate your fairy tale with any features/memes you do, discussion posts, list posts (favorite retelling, most creative retelling, etc), comparing and contrasting the retellings with the original story, anything you can imagine involving your fairy tale! Do as much or as little as you’d like.
  • You don’t have to devote the entire month to the event. Just the reviews are required. :)
  • It’s not required but after I ‘clear’ your fairy tale I would love for you to do a sign up post on your blog. Nothing too fancy.  Just tell your readers about this project, the fairy tale you chose, and maybe brainstorm your ideas. Plus it’s a great, central place for us to suggest or recommend books about your fairy tale.
  • There is a master post for the month and add people’s posts to it as they’re posted.

My Fairy Tale is The Elves and The Shoemaker by Brother Grimm. I picked this tale because it was something a little bit different however one of this issues I have discovered is there isn’t a lot of spin-off’s of it and all of the re-telling’s are very similar.

I do thankfully have three online sources of different versions of the story to start me off though.

I also have a couple of other idea’s for related posts and I’m going to read

  • The ASBO Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Asbosen 
  • and The Tales of Beedle The Bard by JK Rowling (cause fairy tales aren’t just for muggles :))

Please let me know if you know of any other adaptations of The Elves and The Shoemaker and I hope you enjoy Fairy Tale February.