About Me

I have always been a bad blogger. I don’t know what to say.

However I finally had an epiffany and have decided to use it to record all the books I read. I am going to write a little review about the books but I will be careful not to write too detailed so I don’t give too much of the book away and encourage people to read them.

I am an avid reader and I love books. I use to read one off books that were easy to relate to but after the Twilight saga I have began to read a lot of series. However I am not a fan of all the new vampire/warewolf books going about and I don’t like soppy girly books so I am reading a lot more unusual stuff. The theme at the moment seems to be ones set in futuristic societies run by strict governments.

Although I love books I also own a kindle. Although to many book lovers this is a crime I find it very good. It allows to me to always have a selection of books on hand no matter where I am travelling and also allows access to a world of cheap/free books. I have come across some really interesting books on the kindle and a lot have been free. I even read a series that have since been published and the price shot up.

The books I read tend to come under teenage/young adult although I am trying to expand my collection to more adult reading. I struggle however to get into them as I find the plots too boring and real life. I guess I should try the crime/si-fi section but I haven’t started looking yet.

There are several books I am looking forward to coming out this year and I have included a count down to look forward to there releases.

The name ‘Books for Breakfast’ came from one of my best friends mum’s. She once told us that we read so much we ate books for breakfast and we loved the name so much we used for the magazine we wrote for our book club. Now I am using it for my blog as it has a similar theme and I still love the name.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like this “about” page, actually, it’s very genuine.

    On a side note, I was wondering if you would be interested in joining my #DaemonInvasion team, for the release of Jennifer Armentrout’s “Onyx”? IT’s a cool opportunity with some challenges and some free goodies too! If you’re interested check this post and comment on it. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading my about page, I wasn’t sure anyone had yet, glad you liked it.
      Thank you for considering me for your invasion, it sounds really cool, but unfortunately I don’t live in America so I wouldn’t be able to take part.
      I was wondering however if you could tell me how you got your 2012 reading challenge in the side bar of your blog, I would really like to have mine on my page too.

      • I don’t live in America either, it’s open internationally and you don’t have to attend any events, so if you’d like you still can!

        Okay, for the reading challenge thingy, you click on the logo when you’re in goodreads, and then you scroll all the way down and close to the bottom they have an HTML code for the button. You copy that.
        Then you go into your wordpress appearance settings on your dashboard, add a “text widget”, paste the HTML in there, save, et voila!

        Should work 🙂

  2. You can sue me if you don’t enjoy this dystopian thriller. The Kindle dystopian thriller “Electronic Gags” will be free on amazon from 18 January to 20 January. Will democracy ever return to the United States? It looks like the answer is a big NO.

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