A Note of Madness

Life as a student is good for Flynn. As one of the top pianists at the Royal College of Music, he has been put forward for an important concert, the opportunity of a lifetime. But beneath the surface, things are changing. On a good day he feels full of energy and life, but on a bad day being alive is worse than being dead. Sometimes he wants to compose and practice all night, at other times he can’t get out of bed. With the pressure of the forthcoming concert and the growing concern of his family and friends, emotions come to a head. Sometimes things can only get worse before they get better.

This was a powerful book, made more powerful but its uncomplicated writing. It did take me a little while to get started with this book but once I did it was very easy to read. For me this is important to the story because it shows how easily mental illness can become part of you life. Flynn was a perfectly happy and normal student who was hit out of nowhere with Bipolar. He goes from manic highs to immobilizing lows and his descriptions allow you to feel the emotional journey and how sudden it is. He tries really hard to continue his normal life as a music student and to socialize with his friends but all becomes to much. He is a really good pianist ask to perform at a the Royal Albert Hall but music becomes his obsession. Romance is out of the question for him as he cannot see himself as worthwhile and friendships break down around him. It isn’t a book with a massive plot and and a fast pace though, but that isn’t the point of the story. I think the message here is about mental illness and everyday life. how it really effects people and how we might be able to recognize it and help.  


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