Dirty Work

Book Blurb

Hope’s mum doesn’t get her. In fact, Hope knows that as far as her preoccupied parents are concerned, she’s hope”less.” She may be spoilt – but money doesn’t buy happiness.

Oksana doesn’t even have a mum. And her dad and brother are miles away, left behind in Russia. She thought Europe would offer a better life – instead, bought and sold into prostitution, she feels dirty and used.

Then Oksana and Hope are thrown together in the most terrifying circumstances imaginable. Their only real chance of escape lies with each other, but how do two teenagers with so little in common find the way . . . ?

A tense, shocking novel – with a hint of hope.

My Synopsis

Oksana is stuck looking after her brother now her mother has gone and she can’t wait to get out of Russia. When her best friend gets a job with the mysterious rich Tommy she thinks he can get her out too. It takes a long time for him to agree and when he does things don’t turn out how she expected. The very night she leaves she is met with the horrible truth about Tommy’s buisness and as time has gone on he hope of finding her best friend again is fading.

She about to find hope again in unexpected way however. She meets her own the ferry to England. Hope is English and the daughter of a rich man. Sent to trap her Oksana chickens out when she discovers how innocent Hope is but it seems their fates are connected. When   the pair get caught it seems Hope has ended up in trouble anyway and Oksana can’t help feeling guilty but Hope still got the will to get free and she although she is angry at Oksana she also can’t bare to leave he in that world. 


This book caught my attention because of it’s cover and it’s name. I tend to go for books that are a bit controversial and on often uncomfortable topics and the blurb of this one (slightly different from that above) was why I read it. 

The books tells us the story of two girls and how the end up being sold as sex slaves. It is set right now and shows just how easy it is for girls often from Eastern Europe get themselves caught up in this horrible world hoping for a better life. For me this is would stands out from the book. There isn’t countless scenes of abuse and action as they try to escape it’s about being in a constant state of fear, trapped in a situation that makes you hopeless when all you wanted was a better life. 

I think there was maybe something missing from the book. I’m not sure exactly what it was but it don’t have that power I thought it would. That’s not to say it isn’t worth reading as I think it is important to be aware how these thing can happen and are happening and I’m sure it reflects someones story somewhere. This is something going on that we have to stop and reading books like this can open our eyes to the situation. 


What's you Opinion ?

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