Before We Say Goodbye

Book Blurb

Jerusalem, 2002. Where one young Palestinian is about to make the greatest sacrifice of all…In the style of the acclaimed TV drama 24, each chapter covers an hour in the day leading up to the suicide bombing. Written in filmic, dramatic language, this is both pacy and thought-provoking and will appeal to young adults and adults alike. It is endorsed by Amnesty International UK as contributing to a better understanding of human rights and the values that underpin them.

My Synopsis

In Jerusalem in 2002 Dima a 18-year-old Palestine and Myriam a 18-year-old Israeli Jew are both thinking about their futures. While Myriam mourns the loss of her friend and her dreams of returning to America with him Dina is deciding to take action. She wasn’t to avenge herself and as the hours pass by the two girls find themselves together for the final moment. 


Although I enjoyed this book I’m not sure if I truly appreciate it. I don’t know what Drama 24 is so I didn’t pick up on this reference and I did feel there may a little too many view points involved. There were points were I forgot which side that character was on and a few of the characters I found struggled to add anything to the story. 

Despite this however the book was still good. It taught me a bit about something I really don’t know anything about and the concept was really interesting. I found myself feeling as the characters did about their situation and allows you to understand their actions, particularly Dima. I also liked that just at it said on the back the book managed to stay away from picking a side. We heard from both sides and how the felt about one another but the story was just about the actions of one day and how although they were all dealing with the situation differently they were all effected by just one of their actions. 


What's you Opinion ?

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