Re-Read Review – Slated

With the next book in this series officially due in just a few days and already being seen on the shelves in book stores I decided it was time to re-read this book. I found it just as good as the first time I read it. Easy to read and inviting you to read just another chapter. Reading this story for the second time gave me a chance to take more of it as I knew what as going to happen. There were a few comments that I read this time that almost reflected situations that could really be just around the corner for us and I find the idea of ‘slating’ criminals to make them useful to society something that could be considered a good idea. What gives this book that little bit extra for me though is Kyla. I think as a character she is very interesting to read about and of course we have this mysterious and dangerous past to discover. I am looking forwarding to learning more about that in book 2. I get the impression that her past is going to be just as complicated as her new life though as it appears that whatever she was slated from wasn’t a happy life and of course there is still the issue of finding Ben and what exactly has happened to everyone taken away too old to be slated

I can’t wait!.


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