How Girl Guides Won The War

A completely original history of one of the most extraordinary movements in the world — the Girl Guides — and how they helped win the war.

Being part of the Guides is something I have always enjoyed and been proud of but after reading this I am even more so. This book isn’t a story or just a collection of entries from various girls but a well put together account of how Guides all over the world coped with the war. There were plenty of moments throughout the book that provoked a lot of emotion, both good and bad. The strength and bravery of Girls in Poland particularly effected me and the loyalty all the girls in the book had towards the movement made me a little sad that at the moment we don’t seem to have that. I was surprised to find out that Guides continued in all circumstances, undercover in countries where it had been band and even in prisoner camps. Guides risked their lives helping peoples in camps and even doing tasks for the military. Guiders did a wonderful job continuing to open up units for evacuated and refugee children as well as opening and running various centers to look after children and sick. In the East Guiders also took on the role of parent when a whole school of British children was moved to a prisoner camp and Guides and Brownies allowed them to continue to learn and deal with the worsening conditions around them.

If you are involved in Guiding or ever have been I thoroughly recommend this book. In it you will see things that have survived since the start of Guiding but also just how important the movement was to not only the girls involved but also whole populations. It shows how the skills they learnt helped them to do this and that even in the hardest of times going away camping is always a fun experience.


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