Girl Defective by Simmone Howell – Twitter Give Away Competition

A couple of weeks ago a discovered that it was just days till Simmone Howell’s new books Girl Defective was coming out. So, of course I went straight on to to pre-order it but I was frustrated to find that I couldn’t seem to find it. I tried a few other sites and then went to Simmone Howell’s website where I found that the release date was on for Australia. I looked around for release dates elsewhere but was unable to find them so I went back to the Australian sites where it was available to see if I could get it shipped to the UK. Unfortunately although not impossible it was going to be very expensive, nearly £40 so that was out of the question. As a last resort I went for the contact email from Simmone’s website and decided to email her asking when the book would be available in the UK. If I am honest I wasn’t sure I would get an answer, so I was very excited when I got a reply for her saying that although the book is coming out in the US next year there isn’t currently a date for the UK. However she was doing a give-away competition on Twitter which she sent me the link to and told me I had a good chance at as not many people had answered. I had not long deleted my Twitter as I don’t really like it but I thought that as I wanted the book I would sign up for a new one and enter. The competition was to tweet about your favourite song and why as there is a lot of music in the book. It took me a while to come up with my answer, I wanted to write something truthful but interesting, so after some thought I settled on Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses as this was the first thing that brought my Dad and I together as people who like the same thing now just family.

I had forgotten when the closing date for the competition was but I kept an eye out on twitter to see other entries and when the winners were announced. There is a goody bag of Girl Defective prizes for the Australian winner and as posting is so expensive a book and CD for the international winner. This morning I got an emailing from twitter with Simmone’s tweet in it announcing that I had one the international prize!. I couldn’t quite believe I had one and I am so excited to get the book and CD. I have loved both of her other books and I am looking forward to reading her new creation. I must admit that the fact I will probably be the only person in the UK to read it for a while to is also exciting but I’m sure my friends will be asking to borrow it too.


Girl Defective giveaway winners!


Thanks to all who entered! I wish I could send my book around willy-nilly – I will say that it is quite cheap on Bookworld if you’re an e-reader … costs the same as two fancy coffees and less than a trip to the movies to see a likely crap Hollywood movie!



@Postteen Sweet Child of Mine by Guns&Roses it was the first thing that brought Dad and I together as people not just family #girldefective
Posted by simmone at 10:36 PM
You can read the full post here including the other winner and her competition entry.
She also did an interview recently about writing which you can find here if you want to find out more about her and some writing tips.

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