Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is such a sad book. Right for the very beginning everything is turned upside down and we have to deal with loss. It is the emotion of this story however that makes it so successful. By book 7 we have watched all the characters grow and discovered each of their personalities and stories. As a result we are totally connected to the book and feel every emotion as it happens. There are parts of the story I get a little tired at and when Ron runs away it’s so easy to get annoyed at him but I think these things have to happen to bring the whole series to a conclusion. I liked the way that we still have things to discover in this book. It is the final battle to stop Voldemort but even he doesn’t understand how he is going to be undone and of course we are finally let in on Snapes secret. We lose some really great character’s of course  however that is always going to be true of war and it needed to happen to make the story relatable, plus it is part of what drives Harry and it gives us something more to full our passion for the end of Voldemort’s reign. I agree like many people that the 19 year later bit is a bit cheesy but after living through the whole series it really is needed to give us a bit of closure and we all wanted to know what would happen when they grew up.

For the past 3 books now I have had this over riding thought about JK Rowling and these books and I just can’t understand how she, or any writer, could every put these characters to rest now they have come alive in so many pages. The series has been so carefully woven together and each character has so much in their lives outside of  what we get to see and I find it impossible to imagine how she will ever be able to let them go. My only suggestion is that you would have to grieve for them and the story just like a real person and even they never really leave you.


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