Project Fairy Tale: The Elves and the Shoefaker by Hans Christian ASBOsen

The ASBO Fairy Tales is a collection of some of the most well known Fairy Tales re-written to reflect some of the issues that get people in to trouble now a days.

The collections retelling of The Elves and The Shoemaker is The Elves and the Shoefaker.

I this retelling the Shoemaker works very hard to make counterfeit shoes however he can’t compete with the cheap prices of those made in Thailand. As before he lays out his materials and goes to bed and wakes in the morning to find perfect shoes made. They are bought by a wealthy cannabis merchant and he has enough money to make two pairs of shoes now and buy instant roast potatoes. Again that night he lays out the material and in the morning finds perfect trainers ready to sell. These are bought by another merchant and so he now has enough money for leather and 3 flagons of cider. That night after having some of his cider him and his wife decide to stay up and see who is helping them and leave them out a thimble of cider to try. When the elves turn up they drink the Cider happily and the pick up the needle as if to start work. However instead they come after the Shoefaker and his wife demading the rest of the cider. This is followed by being sick on their feet, trashing the store and running away with their TV.

This retelling is a bit silly but it is just for amusement. The elves in it are dressed up like Ned’s in the picture in the book and they behave like them too. It doesn’t really have any message to it like the original but it is a bit of fun for teens and adults who know they story and how a lot of youths do act these days.

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