Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I think we really begin to see Harry’s will power and determination build in this book. He is beginning to feel emotional about everything he has had to go through and there are points were he is, understandably, a typical angry teenager. We also start to see a more accademic side of him too though and his passion for Defence against the Dark Arts is obvious through his teaching it. However I like that we begin to question what kind of influence his past has had on him, there is a bit about him now that is quite unstable and I feel there are point in it were you could question if it isn’t possible he could grow up to become dark. Hermione also lets her hair down a little bit more in this one and we get to see her determination for making a difference to everyone through her acceptance of a bit of rule breaking. As always of course what I liked is that there was still those elements of normalcy throughout it with Harry’s relationship with Cho and dealing with the complicated work of friendship. I think it’s the balance of this and with the seriousness of the dark magic that makes the books so good.


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