Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

For some reason I have always particularly enjoyed the 6th book. I think it might be because it was the first I got always through. I feel like this book is almost the half way point for the story. Harry has enough knowledge and skill to succeed in the wizarding world now if needed to but we finally learn about Voldemorts past and Harry fits in to that and how it can help him shape the future. Part of what makes it feels like the half way point I think is that we are only just finding out about the horcruxes and it still feels like a long way to go till he will be able to truly defeat the Dark Lord. However I really enjoy this book because I think it builds in lots of important stories. Ron and Hermione’s feelings for one another begin to show in this book as well and Harry’s and Ginny’s and Lupin and Tonk’s. Luna and Neville get to continue playing important roles showing how strong their character’s really are. Draco finally starts to mature and is able to stand up to Harry alone although of course we learn that he is still weak in the end and our already fragile trust in Snape is shattered. These are all important of course because Harry is about to come of age and finally stop people standing in front of him as his is ready to fight for himself.


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