Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Favourite Romances

 With Valentines day just a couple of days away The Broke and The Bookish have given us a love themed topic for this weeks list. Our Top Ten Favourite Romances.

  • Bella and Edward – Twilight Saga 
  • Tris and Four – Divergent Trilogy
  • Willow and Alex – Angel Trilogy
  • Lena and Alex – Delirium Trilogy
  • Elizabeth and Darcy – Pride and Prejudice
  • Abby and Travis – Beautiful Disaster
  • Maya and Lochan – Forbidden
  • Cammie and Zack – Gallagher Girls Series
  • Mickey and Ellie – You Against Me
  • Kate and Taylor – My Sister’s Keeper

Who Are Your Favourite Romances?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Favourite Romances

    • I enjoyed Bella and Jacobs romance too. Like he says their relationship was more like breathing air but I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to romance and I like that Edward always played the gentleman

  1. Tris-Four: Divergent trilogy
    Ron-Hermione; Harry potter
    Ginny-Harry: Harry potter
    Katniss-Peeta: Hunger games
    Cato-Clove: Hunger games
    Miri-Benny; Princess academy
    Elsie-Jake: Notes from an accidental band geek
    Oliver-Emalie: Oliver nocturne the vamire’s photograph
    and that’s all i got

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