Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Things really start to get dark in the this book. Harry yet again has to face the fact that his life could be in danger and he as always he isn’t about to sit back and let it happen. What I find interesting about reading this book was that although they are dealing with dark magic they still act like 13 year olds. Particularly when they stop talking to Hermione and Harry starts noticing girls, or one in particular at least. In a weird way I also find this book full of hope. Harry develops as a wizard, learning how to produce a patronus and saving Buckbeak but he also as a person. He is able to step back and not let his dad’s friends become killers and he finds out that he isn’t alone any more. There is a grown up in his life that wants to care for him and he can talk to about his problems in the magic world. Maybe I am just soppy about the happy end of this book but it’s still a great one.


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