Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I have finally started re-reading the Harry Potter series after talking about it for months. I’m currently on book three but I have been trying to figure out how was best to review the books on my blog. I don’t want to do it like an average review because everyone knows what the story if about and so I have decided I’ll just write mini-reviews I’m naming Re-Read Reviews.

I think the first book in the series may be my favourite. I love how we get to follow Harry as he discovers the magical world for the first time. JK introduce’s all the character’s well and I especially love that Neville is important to the story almost from the beginning. I also think it’s important that we get to feel Harry’s worries about not just the magical world but about a new school. It re-enforces that he is just like most other people out there braving high school for the first time and all he wants is to feel normal and fit in. The books are very easy to read and I love that I can just pick this one up and read it in a day feeling totally satisfied with the story and, if I’m honest, proud of myself for reading so quickly. For me the Harry Potter books will always be enjoyable and I will re-read them again many times I’m sure.


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