Re-Read Review – Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Although good I don’t think the second book in the Harry Potter series has as big an impact on me than some of the others. On saying that I do think it is in this book that we begin to see Harry’s personality develop and how he can’t ignore his curiosity. In the first book there is a little bit of me that thinks Harry is just a bit nosey, there is no reason he needs to know anything about the philosopher’s stone. However in this one his curiosity is justified as it is him hearing voices in the wall and continually being in the wrong place and the wrong time when people are petrified. We also begin to get more involved in the darker side of the story in this book. The voices in the walls and the idea of an unknown monster are far scarier than the thought of Snape getting eternal life. It also introduces the connection’s Potter and Voldemort have and there were a few things I picked up on that I realise now come back into the story a few books down the line. Of course as always the book was good and another quick and easy read.


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