The Deja Vu Review – Roxy’s Baby

The Deja Vu Review is a Meme hosted by The Book Addict’s Guide that gives us the chance to review books that we read before we became book bloggers. A theme is suggested each week to help us pick a book from our past we might want to rave about.

Our first topic of 2013 is our Favourite Female Protagonist. For this one I have picked picked the book Roxy’s Baby by Catherine MacPhail.

This is the story of a young girl who finds herself pregnant under age and run’s away to where she thinks is a safe place. She has always been wild and selfish and doesn’t care for her parents and sister who is a goody goody. When she finds out she is pregnant however she doesn’t want her family to know so she goes to London. There she meets the Dyce’s, an older couple who offer her sanctuary with other girls in her position. This seems great at first but there is a terrible secret yet to be learnt and Roxy is going to have to do a lot of growing up.

I read this story whilst in my early teens and I was both shocked in and drawn in by the story. I also really liked the main character of Roxy. As a teenager it is easy to find the faults in your family that seem like a good enough reason to not get on with them so this wasn’t an attribute of her personality that made me dislike her even though she was totally selfish. When she goes to London however she  meets lots of other girls in similar positions to her and she see’s how they are all dealing with the situation. This is and the kindness of the Dyce’s are what start to change her I think. However it is only when things turn out to be not as the seem that her changes become more dramatic and she starts to realise that she has no option of being selfish any more . I enjoyed reading her story and how she changed and although it was the story that initially got me into the book it had the right protagonist to make it a great one.


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