Great Expectations – Movie Review

It has been quite a few years since I have read Great Expectations. I think it was the first book we read in English in 2nd year. If I am honest at the time I don’t think I particularly enjoyed it. At the time I was definatly more into reading for pleasure and it only now I am proud of myself for having at least read one classic in my life. There are a few memories of it though. I did remember most of the characters and a lot of the plot, though I will admit I looked up a quick summary before going to see the film. My one good memory of reading the book was discovering the word dilapidated. I have a thing about words, I just love them and I think this started it because I have never forgotten it.

However when it comes to this film it was one of the things that disappointed me. Dilapidated is defined on Google as; In a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect. In the new film I thought Satis house didn’t look at all like it was falling apart. The other thing I was unsure about was David Walliams. As it is been so long since I have read the book I am not totally sure how his character is suppose to come across but he seemed very comical and like himself, and with his posh clothing I kept thinking of him dressed as a women in Little Britain.

That is my moaning over though as I had to say I was mostly pleased by the film. I think it managed to keep the book very well and I even noticed a few lines that I remember from the book. I liked the actors that played most of the characters, particularly Jeremy Irvine as Pip. Helena Bonham Carter also made a very good Miss Havisham with her creepy eyes and I enjoyed seeing Jessie Cave playing a grown up character.

I must admit though that as with the book I found the ending so unsatisfying.


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