Movie Review: The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part Two – OMG!

Having finally calmed down enough to work a laptop I feel I need to blog about seeing the final film of The Twilight Saga while I am still at this immense emotional level.

Today I had a few friends over to have a Twilight-a-thon. It all sounds a bit cheesy but whilst a lot of people around my age see Harry Potter as the book of their childhood I didn’t read them till recently and it was the Twilight books I waiter eager for the next book to be published. When the first film was released I went to see it was at least 6 other friends that had read the books (bar 1) and working out we would be at uni by the last film we said we would get together for it. Sadly things didn’t stay as they were but 4 of our original group plus a great new friend got together to enjoy reliving a little part of our childhood and feel relief at the last film being over.

The film was intense right from the very beginning. Before the opening titles even began I had butterflies in my stomach and I think I was shaking through the entire movie. It began with a very different opening sequence to what we have seen on the previous films. A lot more picturesque like a nature show. What I did like though was that it began exactly at the end of the previous film, with Bella’s open eyes. Of course there were errors right from the beginning. Simple things like Bella not feeling nervous about jumping the river and her dress not ripping. However other things like her reacting to Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and Bella and Emmet having their arm wrestle made up for that.

The actors of the other vampires that came to be witness to Renesmee were also good. I particularly liked Benjamin and Alistair was really creepy. Of the original characters Emmet was really good in this film again, with some well placed comic lines. I also felt that Kristin Stewart final made a bit more sense as Bella. Having seen them all now it almost makes sense that as her character didn’t feel right as a human but did as a vampire her acting would similar but it has taken this long to appreciate that this may be the case. Also I final felt that Bella and Edward had a little more chemistry. (Joey from the Friends TV who once said that people on stage only have chemistry when they are not together for real so I think that’s why they didn’t in the other films and as she was cheating on him for a bit recently so that’s why they do in this one).

If you haven’t seen the film yet but have read the book and seen the movie trailer you are probably wondering how and why they have put in a fight scene. I don’t want to give anything away here because you will only get to feel the true power of the experience this film for the first time once so all I am saying is the best decision was made to make the second half of this book into a movie.

It may sound extreme but before going in I really wasn’t expecting too like this movie and I was surprised at other people’s reviews. Now however I understand them. I really think they best decisions were made to turn this book into a film other wise it would have been a bit boring and the mistakes and changes would have annoyed me and made it an awful film. However I think this film will only being so good the first time you see it, as long as you don’t know what going to happen, as it is the decisions made the are unexpected that made it such a good show and you will only get that once.

If you have read the book I really think you should go see this film. I think you will appreciate it.

Please let me know what you think? I would love to chat about it more.


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