Grace and Sam must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping dangerous secrets. For Sam, it means grappling with his werewolf past …and figuring out a way to survive the future.

But just when they manage to find happiness, Grace finds herself changing in ways she could never have expected…

Just when you think everything is sorted for Sam and Grace it is all about to go horribly wrong. Sam is now in charge of all the wolves but it is a task he isn’t quite up for yet and he has particular difficulty getting on with new wolf Cole.

Cole wants to be a wolf, something Sam just can’t get his head around. He wants to escape his old life and has brought his friend along for the ride. Yet again however, for Cole things can’t work out as planned either. He can’t keep running away from his life and he is about to be a bad friend once again.

Isabelle however is a good friend and when Grace starts complaining of not feeling well she gets onto researching straight away.

Grace on the other hand is trying to ignore that she knows something is really wrong. She is about to be at war with her parents to make matter worse and she can’t hide from what is happening much longer.

Together however they might be able to save her.

Having blogged last week that I haven’t finished this series I decided to pick up book two again. It took me a little while to get into it but once I got started the book got better as it went along.  I felt a little bit that the idea something was going to change in their lives was brought up to early for when the action actually happened but it was interesting to read and I did get into it. I think now I have read book two I will read the third one as I want to know what happens and the ending of this book was too much of a cliffhanger to leave the series there.



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