Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Bookish Confessions

My Top Ten Tuesday posts have been lacking for the last couple of months but I am going to get back on top of it and have made a start of the next months worth.

This weeks topic set by The Broke and The Bookish is Top Ten Bookish Confessions. I think this is a really good topic because we all have our little habits and will be interesting to see if people have to same ones and what people consider to been a bad when it comes to being a book and reading lover.

1. I think my worst crime to reading  is that I have never finished a Jane Austen book. I really want to love them and I own all her books but I just haven’t managed to get through a book right to the end.

2. Unlike most book lovers I hate when the spine of my book breaks. I know it is mostly inevitable but I am a little OCD and I love having them sitting perfectly on my shelves to look at. ( I have managed however to keep my Harry Potter books perfect)

3. I am a bit cheeky and read my friends copies of a books I own. This is related to the previous point as it means I can keep my perfect.

4. Carrying on from that I also find it hard to let other people bother my book. I love sharing stories and am always recommending books to others but I always feel nervous sharing my copies of books in case the bend the pages or it gets wet.

5. Going against the famous quote I am often guilty of judging a book by its cover. However I feel that when it comes to books it does help and good books often have good covers.

6. I don’t think this one is that bad but I can’t put a book down mid chapter. I feel wrong cause it’s too sudden and it takes longer for it to flow right when you start again.

7. I have loads of really pretty bookmarks but I only like to use flat ones. For present’s I often get really pretty metal ones but I hate that it makes a dent in the book so I only use ones that are paper-thin and at the moment using one I made myself.

8. If I could I would like to have both a paperback copy and a kindle copy of all my books. This ties in with my obsession of keeping my books looking perfect but it would also mean I could read what I felt like whenever I was out even if I don’t have that book with me.

9. Although I like perfect looking books I hate hardbacks. I don’t like the slip cover, or that the blurb is on the inside cover or the fact that they just aren’t good for reading when you are curled up in bed. I just don’t like hardback books.

10. Finally, I am also fussy about the size of the type in a book. I am really put off by type that is too big because I feel it isn’t a substantial read or type that is too small because I get distracted really easily and it concentrating on the type makes me tired quicker.


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