Edinburgh International Book Festival

After having not been for YEARS I finally got back to the Edinburgh International Book Festival this summer.

Although there were many Authors over the festival I wanted to see I couldn’t afford to go over every day so after careful thought I decided to go see LA Weatherly, author of the Angel trilogy. When she came into the tent she looked exactly like her picture in the book, this may sounds daft to mention but often people don’t look their pictures. She also has her husband with her and he was in charge of the computer presentation she had along with her. I was really impressed by her talk. She didn’t read from a pre-prepared talk but talked naturally about the books so far. With her presentation to help she had picture of her dream cast including;

the ‘hot mexican actor’ she based Seth on, Amanda Seyfried as Willow

 and Peter Facinelli as Raziel.

She talked about where she got the inspiration for the book, where she writes and about the trips she got to take across America to help her research about the book. She talked about how the characters came to her and developed, how they got their names. One of my favourite bits was about the magic of how sometimes the book can teach you things about the characters you didn’t know, something she had never believed till it happened to her. She was really interesting to listen to and I enjoyed her talk but she gave no clues away to what is going to happen in the final book so we will just have to wait and see.

Whilst there I also decided to go and see S.D. Crockett and Caroline Green. I haven’t read either of their books but they have both written dystopian fiction and their talk was about this genre. They both read a bit from their books first. If I’m honest I still don’t think I will read either of the books, they are both written from a male point of view, one a 14 year old boy and one written the way he speaks and neither are my thing. The talk about dystopian was more interesting but I was the only one who asked a relevant question. I don’t think it was a bad idea to go to the talk, I liked Caroline Green but I have to admit I didn’t really like S.D. Crockett and it isn’t the most interesting thing I have seen at the festival.


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