The Vampire Prince

I had forgotten what had happened in this book and I ended up enjoying it. Darren is having to deal with the consequences of the end of book 5 and at the beginning is just happy to be alive. He is nursed back to health by the pack of wolves he meet on his way to vampire mountain and although he is grateful and part of him would love to stay and hide he knows he has a responsibility to go back and warn the rest of the clan about the betrayal he has learnt of. It isn’t easy though and he is the first to admit he wasn’t totally aware of the consequences. When Darren returns to the mountain there is a lot for everyone to deal with, not just his return but the accusations he is making. Plans are made to resolve the issue, with Darren’s help but it is only when it is too late he realises what he has done and that he doesn’t totally agree with the way vampire’s run things. After the tragedy of that he also has to meet his fate for failing his trials and running away. However he has earned the respect of the clan and they find a unique loophole to get him out of his punishment.¬†

As I’ve already said I had kind of forgotten what happened in this book. I enjoyed ¬†finding out how Darren gets round his issues but I also found that his reaction was one I agreed with and allows you to connect with him as a human still. The end was my favourite bit though as the way he is pardoned was a surprise to me again.¬†

Trials of Death

Book 5 in the series is my favourite. It is in this book that we learn more about the customs and traditions of the world of Shan’s vampires. It carries straight on from the end of book 4 and see’s Darren meeting his fate to prove himself a worthy vampire. There is a lot going on in Vampire mountain with the threat of the vampaneze brought by Darren’s travelling companion, Harkat the little person but he as suggested by the title he is still having to face various physical trials that will see him meeting death several times. However although he is trying hard, and does very well, they do not all go to plan and Darren finds his life out of his own hands. All seems ok when a friend comes to his aid but we are soon to learn that we cannot trust everyone, even those close to us and Darren has to make a decision that could yet again cost him his life.

I think what I enjoy so much about this book is the balance of action and detail. We are learning not just about what is going on for Darren but this whole world that Shan has created. It is these details that make the whole series a success because it is not just a story about a boy but a story about a whole new world that has its own rules and regulations. I also like the idea’s of the task and I find them not too brutal but still challenging and exciting.