Without Looking Back

The idea behind this story was a good one. Louis is 12 and from Paris. He has an older brother and younger sister and his parents are currently going through a custody battle. When things don’t turn out the way his dad wants them he takes them away for their last weekend together. However he is acting strange and the Louis especially is worried about missing out on school and his beloved dancing. They eventually make it to England and start doing up a home they believe to be their Dad’s new home or holiday home but on the way back from a lovely trip to the beach Louis discovers the truth. He see’s a poster in a train station saying that him and his sibling’s are missing and his mum is looking for them, When he confronts his Dad about this he is honest and gives all the children the option to go home. The problem for Louis is that he wants to go home whilst he sibling’s don’t. So he stays and gets back into his dancing making a good friend. Little did he know however that this would lead to him getting his freedom.

I feel like her other books Tabitha has gone for a controversial issue that is very interesting to read about. It is an interesting thing to think about as a child as what would you do if one of your parent’s kidnaps you? Although I did enjoy this book though I did feel like there was always that little bit missing. He could have been more controversial but for a younger teen I think it is a suitable way to explore and a private about issue.


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