Where She Went

After a visit to the library I have managed to find a couple of books that will allow me to shorten me Amazon wish list.

Where She Went is the sequel to the If I Stay, the story of a young girls choice over her life after she loses her family. This book however is based 3 years after the end of the first book and is written from the point of view of Adam, the boy Mia was dating. However they have now gone their seperate ways and Adam is struggling with life. He is a nervous wreck and is full of questions about why thing ended with my and why she hurt him the way she did. Lost is his own world although he is with a band he stays away from them and it is during a night in New York alone he comes across Mia again.

They are both due to fly out of New York the next day for their own tours but first the end up spending the night travelling around New York. Adam tries very hard to say all the things he wants to Mia but it isn’t till morning that he eventually come out with it and gets his answers.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I have to say I enjoyed it. The story was written in chapters that alternated between the present and memories Adam had about what had happened after Mia had woken up. It was a really good way to bring the reader up to date without it being boring to read and you really wanted to know what had gone wrong for them. I think the story line was quite realistic in that many couples must go through similar break ups when one in particular goes to university although I thought maybe Adam’s reaction was maybe slightly extreme (although he comes to that revelation too). If you have read the first book I would recommend reading this one because it the end of the first book was so sudden is this gave you another good read with a more rounded ending.