Big Stinky City

Another free kindle book that was an easy read and a nice break from the vampire books.

This books is about three people and how their lives comes together for one day that is special to all of them in different ways. The youngest is 11 year old Mash who loves planes. He lives with his older brother who skives school, his alcoholic mother and his book loving Gran. He likes to help out at a local cafe in return for his favourite food and is best friends with a tattoo artist. Mash hates living in the city and when he hears about an air show that is going to happen just outside the city he will do anything to get to go.

Juniper is an artist that lives in the city with his younger sister Junior. He likes to do massive art projects in the environment and for his next one he is inspired by his sisters love of ice cream. His life is very priviledged and he is able to organise his plan to go exactly as he wants. He is worried that this act might get him into trouble with the police and wants to keep his sister out of it but she doesn’t agree. However after a dream she is worried for his safety and refuses to go much to his delight.

The final character who’s point of view we read from is the owner of a major ice cream firm, Stuart. Although he has a very good life he has a love for music that he has kept hidden. However after a bad day at work his cleaner learns about his passion and his life is changed by being close to their family. He becomes happy and organises a big opening ceremony for his new ice cream cone shaped building which he will play at.

On the same day Stuart will make his musical debute, Juniper was pull off his biggest project yet and Mash will reach his dream of leaving the city and seeing a plan. The characters stories all come together in a creative way and they all gain something great out of it.

This was a very easy read but I still enjoyed it. The characters were all dealing with their own personal issues but all have a dream that keeps them on the right path and this makes them nice to read about.