Allies of the Night

Allies of the Night follows on from 7 with Darren, Harkart and Mr Crepsely continuing their search for the vampaneze lord. They are following their heart as Mr Tiny told them to and have returned to the town Mr Crepsely lived when he was human. However they are met by a surprise visitor. Someone has set Darren up and he has to return to school. They decide it would be best for him to go and when Mr Crespley is called back to vampire mountain after some sad news it gives him something to do. It is there he bumps into his childhood sweetheart Debbie. Things seem great at first, Darren and Harkart have a close call with a vampaneze but are saved by someone from Darren’s past and from then on it all seems to be going ok. As time passes they don’t seem to be finding any vampaneze and get ready to leave. As expected though at the last moment they are led into an attack and all hell brakes loose. Darren learnt the identity of his mystery attacker and the what has become of more than just one person from his past. The book ends of a cliff hanger as they all seem to from this point on with the team taking advantage of a small lee-way they get from an unexpected foe.

This book see’s many people from Darren’s past become part of his dark new world. It is a good introduction to the next section of the story and is interesting to see how the people he was once close to have changed.

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