Hunters of the Dusk

Book 7 in the Saga of Darren Shan is set 6 years after book 6. Darren has resit trials and passed them and has been learning about his new role within vampire mountain. The vampires are also trying to track down the destined lord of the vampaneze and the many battles have become known as the war of scars. However an unexpected visit from Mr Des Tiny see’s Darren, Harkat and Mr Crepsley leaving vampire mountain in search of the Vampaneze lord alone. They are destined to find another vampire to help them on their trial  and have been told they will have 4 chances to save their race.

Following their hearts they find their travelling companion and go and see Evanna. A woman destined to be able to carry the child of a vampire. They enjoy her company and Darren is told more stories about his friends. They then travel back to the cirque where they catch up with their  fiends but the happiness if spoilt by an unexpected betrayal and an unsettling revelation.

Book 7 isn’t one of my favourite’s but it allows us to learn more about the destiny of the characters that provides the plot for the next few books.


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