Vampire Mountain

6 years after the end of Book three the fourth book in The Saga of Darren Shan see’s Darren and Mr Crepsely leaving the Cirque once again. This time however it is not for a holidays but to go to Vampire Mountain and Evra doesn’t come with them as although they are still good friend he has aged whilst Darren only looks a few months older. However they are not travelling alone as Mr Tiny has insisted they take two little people along to take a message to the Princes. Along the way Darren learns more about the tough world of vampires and the good things. They are joined by an old friend of Mr Crepsley’s who tells Darren lots of stories and he also makes friends with a pack of wolves. When the reach the mountain Darren continues to be educated in his new life. However they are still burdened by the problem of what will be said about Mr Crepsley blooding a child.

I think this in an important book about learning about the life of vampire’s. There isn’t a lot that goes on but I still enjoyed the book and the end sets up book 5 very nicely.

What's you Opinion ?

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