Tunnels of Blood

Book 3 in this series is one of my favourite. Darren has finally began accepting that he is a vampire’s assistant and he is enjoying his life at the cirque. However just when things seem great an old friend of Mr Crepsely turns up and they have to leave. Thankfully though Erva, Darren’s new best friend gets to come along too and the enjoy a break from all the hard work and enjoy a little be of normal life. The boys keep each other company during the day as time heads towards Christmas whilst the see very little of Mr Crepsley. Darren even gets a girlfriend. As always though things turn ugly when they hear about 6 bodies found drained of blood. The boys blame Mr Crepsely at first but they are soon introduced to a whole new part of the dark world of night creatures.

I like that in this book Darren finally gets to enjoy a little bit of normality. However I also think it is the first one that I enjoy the action side of it. It also has many happy moments in it to balance out the continuing theme of tragedy that seems so follow Darren about.

2 thoughts on “Tunnels of Blood

    • Yeah the film wasn’t nearly as good as the books though and they gave far to much away lol you should read the books they are really easy to get through

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