The Vampire’s Assistant

In book 2 in The Saga of Darren Shan Darren is trying to come to terms with his new life. He is on the road with Mr Crepsley but as just a half vampire spends a lot of time on his own. His boredom eventually gives him the courage to go out during the day and try and meet people but this doesn’t work out quite as he planned and he ends up feeling worse than ever. Refusing to drink blood from humans makes him weaker and Mr Crepsely worry but to try and help Darren feel better the pair go back to travel with the Cirque du Freak. There he finally makes friends and starts to feel good again. He helps out around the camp getting close to one act in particular and together they even make friends with a couple of humans. We are also introduced to another important character in this book that appears frequently later on. Sadly however the happiness doesn’t last and trouble does occur for Darren and his new friends leading to an emotional ending.

I really like this story. It is easy to understand the lonliness that Darren must be feeling as a young boy trapped by his new blood. He is also battling with himself because he won’t drink human blood. He know this could kill him and Mr Crepsley does try to make him, showing he does care, but in the end it has to be Darren’s choice. It is also easy to feel sorry for him when he is stuck not being able to connect with people his own age. This makes the move to the cirque more enjoyable to read and it really is sad when things end the way they do.

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