Cirque du Freak

I originally read this series years ago but I’ve decided to re-read. It is so easy to get into due to how it is written and I’m still enjoying it second time around.

Book 1 of 12 Cirque du Freak introduces us to the main character, Darren Shan, and how he becomes involved in the world of vampires. A normal boy Darren loves his family and his a great group of friends at school. He is good at football and has a fascination for spiders. However this becomes part of how his world turns around. When the friends come across a flyer for the Cirque du Freak Darren and best friend Steve are amazed by what they see so amazed the Darren learns that Steve has a secret. It is a special spider though that gets Darren into trouble as he risks his life for it. Although things start of great for Darren his world drastically has to change in order to keep his loyalty to his friend something that later isn’t returned.

These books are very easy to read and I think as a one off I’m not sure I would have read them all. I have the trilogy collections however and it makes it a better read. The first book sets the scene for the series quite well and haven read the series before I am enjoying picking out the bit of information that are important later on.


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