Brothers to the Death

The final book in the spin of series from The Saga of Darren Shan about Larten Crepsley was definitely the best one.

Carrying on from the previous book Larten starts off enjoying his life with an assistant and human companion. However the world of humans is about to go through two great wars and during this time he see’s many things that change him. On top of this there is a great personal tragedy to deal with and this leads to him losing his way for a bit. His character changes for a while during this time and it was interesting to find out what had influenced to be the man he became in Darren’s story. He also meets some interesting characters some that shape him and others that we meet again. I enjoyed getting to know how these people played out in his past and it offered explanations into how he acted with the people later on. There was also some new characters that showed of Darren’s imagination as an author but one of my favourite characters was the one that brought Larten solitude and peace and I think influenced him a lot.

The book cleverly brought in all the bits of his past to lead up to the meeting of Darren but still had its own story with a heart breaking twist. I really enjoyed how the book came together introducing characters we already know including how he got his spider. However I think what made this one so much better than the others was the book had its own story. Larten had a mission and that drove him in his life and gave us something to will him to achieve. This also gave the ending  its impact and I think I will be reading it again soon to enjoy the emotions of his story once more.


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