Yet again I was surprised by a rather good free kindle book.

In 44 the main character Abby is recovering from a drowning accident were she was medically dead for 44 minutes but some how woke up. However she is still suffering from memory loss and can now only see in black and white. Since going back to school none of her friends want anything to do with her apart from one Jesse but even he isn’t acting his normal self. To make things worse she is started having visions in her dreams of murders and only her sister, who has to investigate them for her job, believes that her dreams, and the suspicious suicides, are more than that.

Whilst seeing a phyciatrist Abby begins to make breakthroughs in her memory and for a few weeks things seem normal again. But then she has another vision and soon after believes it is her sisters new boyfriend that is doing the killing. Together they decide to try and put a stop to what is going on but what they discover is not what they had expected and things don’t go according to plan.

Although the book could have ended here the story then has Abby revisiting the place of her accident in hope of helping her heal. It is here that her memory returns and a twist occurs that I have to say made me sad for the characters involved.

I was very surprised by this book. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like but I found it easy to read and wanted to know what happened. There are two follow up books that I may have a look at but overall I am glad yet again of my kindle find.


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