Cathy’s Book

I wasn’t sure what to make of this book. It was nothing like I was expecting.

The first book of two this story if told as a series of diary entries enhanced by hand written notes, drawings and some other pieces of information. You can also go on the website and listen to phone calls and links mentioned throughout the book. I guess these extra’s must have attracted my to the book when I bought it years ago but I didn’t find it amazing.

The main character Cathy is a wanna-be artist who misses her dad who died last year. Her best friend is the daughter of a rich man and strives for academic excellence as she works towards making 30 by 30. When Cathy wakes up at home confused after a night with a guy she fancies and what looks like a needle mark on her arm she wants to know what happened to her. However her love interest, Victor, no l0nger wants anything to do with her. She decides to go and investigate as to why he ended it however what she finds leads to her best friend being mad at her and her life being at risk.

I think the ending of this book was the best bit. What is actually going on is nothing like what I was expecting and I would be impressed if anyone had worked it out before they got there. I was pleased that things worked out the way they did though and although it wasn’t the most amazing book I have read I have to admit I am slightly tempted to read the next one to find out how things turn out.


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