The final book in the series, that was originally a trilogy.

I think however that this was my favorite one. Set about 3 years after the end of Specials the main character is Aya a girl that live in a city in what we call Japan. In this city they don’t have money but get merits for helping the community and being famous. Aya wants to become famous like her brother, however to do this has to deceive quite a few people. What she finds could change the world however it ends up getting her into a lot of danger. It is at this point that the characters from the previous books come into it and they all go to try and discover what is going on. What they find allows Aya to grow as a person and realise how important it is to be right before telling stories just for fame.

I think that the idea or a city were fame is everything is very realistic and reflects a lot of people that are living just now. I did however come up with a reason why I may not like these book so much which is that I struggles to like the main characters. In the first 3 books i was frustrated by how Tally couldn’t make up her mind and keep to her loyal’s and I hated that her best friend kept hating her. I found a similar problem with this one as I couldn’t help but get annoyed at how Aya was putting fame before everything else.

I’m glad I have finally read the series and there were moments that kept me reading it. I think if you haven’t read anything like this before it may be a good place to start and I am sure there are plenty people that would like these books but for me they were a one off read.


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