The third book in the Uglies series, this one see’s Tally once again operated on and changed. She is finally friends again with Shay but this comes at a cost that will eventually break her heart. She has forgot the desire she one had to be free of the city and putting people she loves at risk tries to help prevent change taking over. However things don’t work out the way she expects and she learns some important lessons along the way.

Although I still struggled to read this book I think it is probably the best one. There is enough going on and surprises to make you want to find out what is going to happen. I still don’t like how some of the relationships with other characters worked out but in the end I think the finally chapter  was a good one.

This series was suppose to be a trilogy however he did write a fourth book. I am going to take a break from them at the moment though and will review the 4th book once I have read some thing more enjoyable.


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