Brothers to the Death

The final book in the spin of series from The Saga of Darren Shan about Larten Crepsley was definitely the best one.

Carrying on from the previous book Larten starts off enjoying his life with an assistant and human companion. However the world of humans is about to go through two great wars and during this time he see’s many things that change him. On top of this there is a great personal tragedy to deal with and this leads to him losing his way for a bit. His character changes for a while during this time and it was interesting to find out what had influenced to be the man he became in Darren’s story. He also meets some interesting characters some that shape him and others that we meet again. I enjoyed getting to know how these people played out in his past and it offered explanations into how he acted with the people later on. There was also some new characters that showed of Darren’s imagination as an author but one of my favourite characters was the one that brought Larten solitude and peace and I think influenced him a lot.

The book cleverly brought in all the bits of his past to lead up to the meeting of Darren but still had its own story with a heart breaking twist. I really enjoyed how the book came together introducing characters we already know including how he got his spider. However I think what made this one so much better than the others was the book had its own story. Larten had a mission and that drove him in his life and gave us something to will him to achieve. This also gave the ending  its impact and I think I will be reading it again soon to enjoy the emotions of his story once more.


Yet again I was surprised by a rather good free kindle book.

In 44 the main character Abby is recovering from a drowning accident were she was medically dead for 44 minutes but some how woke up. However she is still suffering from memory loss and can now only see in black and white. Since going back to school none of her friends want anything to do with her apart from one Jesse but even he isn’t acting his normal self. To make things worse she is started having visions in her dreams of murders and only her sister, who has to investigate them for her job, believes that her dreams, and the suspicious suicides, are more than that.

Whilst seeing a phyciatrist Abby begins to make breakthroughs in her memory and for a few weeks things seem normal again. But then she has another vision and soon after believes it is her sisters new boyfriend that is doing the killing. Together they decide to try and put a stop to what is going on but what they discover is not what they had expected and things don’t go according to plan.

Although the book could have ended here the story then has Abby revisiting the place of her accident in hope of helping her heal. It is here that her memory returns and a twist occurs that I have to say made me sad for the characters involved.

I was very surprised by this book. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like but I found it easy to read and wanted to know what happened. There are two follow up books that I may have a look at but overall I am glad yet again of my kindle find.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten All Time Favourite Characters in Books

I haven’t really been keep up well with Top Ten Tuesday. I was last for a couple of posts and then totally missed a couple but I decided that for last weeks, which was Tips for Book Bloggers, I would just read the other posts to get some idea’s as I haven’t been doing it very long. 

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and The Bookish is the Top Ten All Time Favourite Characters in Books. It was actually a very difficult one to pick as I have read so many books, so they are in no particular order;

1. ‘Freak’ Fred  from The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer. This book was really good because she has already taken a character out of a book to make a new one. I particularly like the character of Fred as he wasn’t part of the violent world that was surrounding them. He used his skill to keep himself to himself and watch what was going on around him. He knew things weren’t right and he could see the Bree had a quite nature like him and wanted to help her. I would love to find out what happened to him.

2. Zach from The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. What I liked about Zach was that you couldn’t work him out. Sometimes I was convinced by his affection for Cammi but there was always the secrets he was keeping. Even through the latest book there was till questions over whose side he is really on and it make thing interesting. I do think that I want them to be together in the end though, just like Ron and Hermione. 

3. Mr Crepsley from The Darren Shan Saga and The Saga of Larten Crepsley by Darren Shan. When you first meet Mr Crepsley in The Darren Shan Saga you don’t know if he is a good character of not. He seems to be nasty and it is obvious he doesn’t approve of what he is doing. However as you continue through the books you grow to love the character as a wise man that has the ability to be more powerful than he is but wants to do things on his own terms. I really respect that about him, as well as his loyalty to the clan and in the end even Darren. I think the new series just about him has made me appreciate his life more, particularly him as a child and how he came to be the man at that entered Darren’s life.

4. Zero (Hector Zeroni) from Holes by Louis Sachar. In both the book and the film Zero is such a lovable character. He is treated with such disrespect being called stupid but he is just misunderstood. When Stanley takes the time to get to know him you realise that all he really wants is to have his mum again and  if someone just gave him the time he could really be someone great. Together the two make both their lives better and Zero gets to be with his mum again

5. Cinna from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Cinna is the one character from the capital that seems to still treat people like equals. He sees something in Katniss that the others don’t and brings it out in her even just through clothes. I love that he embraces her pin and makes her brand, even leaving outfits for her. He is my favourite characters in the book because of his humanity in what is such a messed up society. 

6. Neville Long Bottom in Harry Potter by JK Rowling. Out of all the characters in the books Neville is the one of ones that has no bad moments. He is a clumsy new wizard in the first book but develops into being great at something he loves and will make his parents proud. My favourite thing about him however is his courage and although he often comes across as weak and pathetic he isn’t. In book one he stands up to his friends and in book seven he fights for Harry, if courage and loyalty aren’t worth loving nothing is.

7. Dobby from Harry Potter by JK Rowling. Dobby brings something different to the series and I am really pleased that he became such an important part to the story after book two. I think he was developed very well from a pest to Harry to having his own life in Hogwarts and in the end saving Harry and his friends. It was interesting to have a totally non-human character that you could love so much and he definitely enhanced the story.

8. Alice Tully from Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy. During the book Alice is a character that you want to not like but can’t help feel sorry for. Her story is one of tragedy for no just her but those involved and you can’t help thinking that you shouldn’t be feeling that she deserves more. However she is a well written character and it allows you to look at the situation from a different perspective and realise that everyone should be allowed the chance to be free and a good person.

9. Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. In the books, particularly the first one, I found that I could relate very well to Bella. She was just a normal clumsy girl and I think the great thing about reading her is that everyone can see themselves in her. It was easy to get caught up in her emotions and wanting to find out the things she did and a good character is what makes a good book.

10. Mister Tom from Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian . At first Tom seems like a typical old man, grumpy and uninterested, but when you learn his story it is easy to understand what mad him that way. I love however that despite of this situation he finds it in himself to deal with this new problem in his life and I think that in the end it allows him to deal with all the issues he has been having. He need someone to help him get motivate and when he opens up and embraces having William you feel so pleased that he can finally move on with his life and fill his home with happiness and love again.

Cathy’s Book

I wasn’t sure what to make of this book. It was nothing like I was expecting.

The first book of two this story if told as a series of diary entries enhanced by hand written notes, drawings and some other pieces of information. You can also go on the website and listen to phone calls and links mentioned throughout the book. I guess these extra’s must have attracted my to the book when I bought it years ago but I didn’t find it amazing.

The main character Cathy is a wanna-be artist who misses her dad who died last year. Her best friend is the daughter of a rich man and strives for academic excellence as she works towards making 30 by 30. When Cathy wakes up at home confused after a night with a guy she fancies and what looks like a needle mark on her arm she wants to know what happened to her. However her love interest, Victor, no l0nger wants anything to do with her. She decides to go and investigate as to why he ended it however what she finds leads to her best friend being mad at her and her life being at risk.

I think the ending of this book was the best bit. What is actually going on is nothing like what I was expecting and I would be impressed if anyone had worked it out before they got there. I was pleased that things worked out the way they did though and although it wasn’t the most amazing book I have read I have to admit I am slightly tempted to read the next one to find out how things turn out.

The Short Second Life of Bee Tanner

I wasn’t sure what I would think of this book but I actually really enjoyed it. It added a new perspective to Eclipse and an understanding into how other vampires lived. I did find myself really liking the character of Bree and although I knew her fate was inevitable I still wanted it to end another way.
The story only covers about 3 days in Bree’s life however they are full of insight. She becomes very close to one specific vampire and together they question how they are being taught about their kind. It also adds some new information to Eclipse that was suggested but now confirmed.
I’m sure not everyone will agree with me about this but if you have read the books you should at least give this one a go.


The final book in the series, that was originally a trilogy.

I think however that this was my favorite one. Set about 3 years after the end of Specials the main character is Aya a girl that live in a city in what we call Japan. In this city they don’t have money but get merits for helping the community and being famous. Aya wants to become famous like her brother, however to do this has to deceive quite a few people. What she finds could change the world however it ends up getting her into a lot of danger. It is at this point that the characters from the previous books come into it and they all go to try and discover what is going on. What they find allows Aya to grow as a person and realise how important it is to be right before telling stories just for fame.

I think that the idea or a city were fame is everything is very realistic and reflects a lot of people that are living just now. I did however come up with a reason why I may not like these book so much which is that I struggles to like the main characters. In the first 3 books i was frustrated by how Tally couldn’t make up her mind and keep to her loyal’s and I hated that her best friend kept hating her. I found a similar problem with this one as I couldn’t help but get annoyed at how Aya was putting fame before everything else.

I’m glad I have finally read the series and there were moments that kept me reading it. I think if you haven’t read anything like this before it may be a good place to start and I am sure there are plenty people that would like these books but for me they were a one off read.

Out of Sight, Out of Time

Book 5 in the Gallagher Girls series did not disappoint me.

It took me a while to remember how the fourth book had finished but once I was back to scratch the book had me hooked. In her latest adventures Cammie has to balance trusting her own instinct and her family and friends to work out what happened during her summer. She can’t remember anything but is desperate to find out where she went and what she found to help put together the questions of her fathers past.

It was great reading a really good story after struggling through the Uglies series. This book has you questioning which characters are on which side as well as wanting her to regain her memory and find out what she had discovered. The more I read the more I couldn’t put it down and I particularly liked the end with its interesting revelations.

If you haven’t read these books I suggest you try them as they are a really original idea with some great story lines. I am predicting a 6th book eventually and look forward to seeing where Cammie’s story goes.


Callum (Noughts & Crosses, #1.6)

For world book day this year Malorie Blackman brought out a very short book providing an alternate to the events that occurred during Noughts & Crosses.

Told from Callum’s point of view the book was a really good alternative to what was already an amazing book. I would suggest not reading it unless you have read the book as it is set a fair way through the book, but if you had it is defiantly worth reading. I think it would start good conversations about how she  could have taken the story and possibly debates over which was a better option.


The third book in the Uglies series, this one see’s Tally once again operated on and changed. She is finally friends again with Shay but this comes at a cost that will eventually break her heart. She has forgot the desire she one had to be free of the city and putting people she loves at risk tries to help prevent change taking over. However things don’t work out the way she expects and she learns some important lessons along the way.

Although I still struggled to read this book I think it is probably the best one. There is enough going on and surprises to make you want to find out what is going to happen. I still don’t like how some of the relationships with other characters worked out but in the end I think the finally chapter  was a good one.

This series was suppose to be a trilogy however he did write a fourth book. I am going to take a break from them at the moment though and will review the 4th book once I have read some thing more enjoyable.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books To Read In A Day

Again my post is late but I do have a real excuse this week; the internet was down because of the snow !!
This week is Top ten books to read in a day. I’ve decided to answer it from the view that if I knew I only had a day to read a book what would I pick off my shelf.

1. Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy

An easy one day read but it is still full of anticipation and a really great read.

2. Red Tears by Joanne Kenrick 

Not a book for younger readers as it deals with a sensitive issue but a very short and powerful book that helps you understand the sometimes complicated inner workings of a teenager.

3. I’d Tell You I Love You, but Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter 

Action packed and a different idea. This is a story of a school for female spies. A nice interlinking of action and teen romance it will have you wanting to finish in a day.

4. Holes by Louis Sachar 

I really like this book. It is easy to read but also an heartwarming story. I would happily pick this up on any day.

5. The Puzzle Master by Heather Spiva 

A very short story about two young teenagers trying to make the most of living with different untreatable conditions. It seems like an innocent story but actually it is full of a lot more. Worth reading any time.

6. Vegan, Virgin, Valentine by Carolyn Macker

A funny book about coming of age and dealing with all everything that comes with it. Love, last year of exams, fitting in work and dealing with family. An amusing read for a relaxing day off.

7. The Poison Apple’s by Lilly Archer

If you have a spare day this is an amusing little book about dealing with step parents. 

8. Switched by Amanda Hocking

An interesting idea moving away from the typical vampire, wearwolf theme and looking at trolls. Easy to read and an interesting plot line. A good trilogy that you could easily read 1 a day. 

9. The Saga of Larten Crepsley (1) Birth of a Killer by Darren Shan 

If you have read ‘The Sags of Darren Shan’  you will love this short book all about one of the best characters in that series. Easy to read and a very interesting insight into his life

10. my Kindle It may be cheating but it is easy to get really cheap books that only take a day to read and I can’t really pick one. So if you want a quick one day read have a look at the books for kindle and I’m sure you will find one you will like.