The final book in The Hunger Games trilogy.

Although it didn’t grab me from the start like the second book, I definitely enjoyed this book. It was full of emotion with unexpected additions added in just when you least expected it. Katniss fights with herself to be who she wants to be and what is expected of her whilst dealing with complicated situations that effect her emotionally and physical. The book continues many of the already loved characters and you get to know them a little better and that makes the effect of the book, in my eyes, stronger. It was sad in many places, for several different reasons, but it had my hooked. I wanted to know what the outcome would be on the whole and in all the individual stories. The book didn’t leave my questions unanswered and I kept me excited through the book to get me there. I think it was a good end to the trilogy and the discourse reflected the whole story.

I can’t wait to see the films of these books, although I know they are going to disappoint me and I will complain about all the thing the get wrong and miss out.


2 thoughts on “Mockingjay

  1. I think that the last book of the trilogy was the best. It made me hate some of the characters and fall in love with others. It’s the only book that actually made me feel anything.
    ha ha, I’m going to watch the movie too – and hate every single moment. No doubt about it 🙂

    • Yeah, I have my tickets already but I know I will complain all the way through about all the bits that are wrong.

      My favourite our of the series was the second one, mainly because I knew a lot of what was going to happen in the first one before I read it. The second one had me gripped right from the start though. I loved the third one too but it was really sad.

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