The Hunger Games

These are the books everyone are talking about at the moment and I can understand why.

The Hunger Games are the yearly event put on by the capitol in a society that is split into 13 districts. Each district enters a male and female ‘tribute’ and they are then put in an arena to fight till one is left alive. Told from the point of view of the female tribute from district 12 the book is full of action and heartbreak. Katniss has a tough life at home that prepares her for the harsh environment of the Hunger Games however in a world controlled by people that have no care for their people she also wants to outsmart the people in charge of all the horror they are putting them through.

I really enjoyed this book. It showed that everyone can make a difference without having to be the strongest or fastest. It brought to attention the way power is only concerned with protecting themselves but also how brutal humanity can be if it feels it as to.


3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

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