Too Far

This book was given to me free at the re-freshers fair at uni, I wasn’t sure  about the cover of the book, but the blurb sounded ok and  you can never say no to a free book.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed it. It is the story of two six year olds, Robbie and Fristeen, who meet one summer playing in the wood and spend the rest of the holiday exploring their imaginary world. They become engrossed in it, feeling it is real and it takes over not just their days but their dreams too. They feel they have to be together and spend almost every day out in the woods. However, it is just away of escaping their troubled lives at home where their families are unconventional and falling apart. In the end they have to make a decision between reality and imagination and  it ends on a shock.

I felt that the idea for this story was a good one. It is very realistic that children would hide from problems in their imaginary worlds and I was interested to read the book. However I didn’t like how it was written, I felt it was too ‘airy fairy’ and although I tried hard to match up all the children’s idea’s some I didn’t understand. I also think the map of their world should have been at the start of their book as that may have helped me. I know though that I do not read a lot of imaginary books about myths and things I can’t grasp onto so I am not discouraging anyone from trying it, it just wasn’t for me.


What's you Opinion ?

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