The Cay

I was in Primary 7 when I first heard this book. Our teacher read it to us which I thought was weird cause we were 11. Despite that I really enjoyed it and decided recently to read it again.

This time round it wasn’t the same, however I am a fair bit older now. It is till a good book though. It is the story of a young boy living on an american island during the second world war. During this time his island is being attacked and his mother decides to take him make to the mainland for safety. However their ship is hit by a German submarine and he ends up on a raft with an old, black man. The story tell us of how they come across the Cay and survive for months after the attack. It tells us about acceptance of people we do not understand and how much we rely on human company. It is a book for people around 8 – 11 but I enjoyed re-reading it.


What's you Opinion ?

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