I wasn’t sure what I expected when I bought this book but it is fair to say that I am glad I did.

Divergent is the story of a girl living in a futuristic Chicago, where people are separated into groups called factions. The different factions live differently as they believe different things lead to the worlds problems and in living together they groups complement each other. The main character Tris is 16, the age where teenagers chose to stay in the faction they are born in or move to another. Tris however is not an order girl and this makes her decision a rather difficult one.
The story tells us about her decision and the consequences she has to face because of it. The good and the bad ones. She makes friends, and enemies but also become part of a bigger problem effecting the whole city.

I really, really enjoyed this book, I guess may more so because I wasn’t particularly expecting anything from it. I really liked the idea and the characters. I would definitely recommend this book.

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