The Clothes on Their Backs

I can’t decide if I liked this book or not.

It is the story of a girl born to Hungarian refugees living in London. As a child she receives a visit from her uncle who she never knew existed however her parents are unkind to him and they don’t get to meet. However as she grows up she is curious of her parents past which they wont tell her and so she eventually comes to work for her uncle. During this time she learns a lot about him and her history and gets involved in living however it ends fatally.

The story is told by her after the death of her parents. She goes into a second hand clothes store were she runs into some history and buys a new dress. Throughout the book there is reference to her outfits and how they made her feel. I think the story is trying show how clothes can make us feel and remember.

The book was quite difficult for me to read as I don’t like books written for adults but there were some good idea’s in it.


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