The Key

book 3

The third and final book in the Guardians of Time trilogy sees the the prophecy for filled and a battle between good and evil. In this book our narrators are changed again and we are now hearing the thoughts of Matt and Rochelle. These voices allow us to experience all sides of the war and the sacrifices made during its course. The book sees the moral world met with the immortal as unearthly creatures start to make their way into our world. There is little time travel in this book as it focuses on the battle the previous books have been building too. However there are many twists and turns on the way as secrets are revealed to us and characters themselves. It fills you with suspicions and desires for the characters but in the end their fate it already set. I found the ending of the book very picturesque however I have not made up my mind yet if it was too sudden or not.


What's you Opinion ?

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