The Dark

book 2

Book 2 in The Guardians of Time books took on a new narrator. This time it was from the point of view of Isabel and Arkarian. Arkarian is one of the named that has been living the life for a long time and looks of the younger members of the Guard.

In this book the team continue to fight of the Goddess of Chaos however she is picked up the pace in her revenge for her lover. With Arkarian in danger after a bizare trip to the past the young guard members take a big risk to safe his life. This brings in a new sphere to the worlds and a lot more danger. It introduces new characters on the other side and more in depth knowledge of the past of the characters we already feel for. We learn about what gives power to the Goddess and enter her world full of strange and bizare creatures and magic. However when they leave that world they leave a plot line open for the next book.

The book also sees some of the characters realise some of the things we already know and new gifts are given to one of our young guards.



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